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User Guide

Created Date 07/08/2018
Modfied Date 12/09/2018
Version 1.2
Author Yankee Themes
Author Contact enquiry[at]yankeeinfoweb[dot]com

File Structre

├── css/
│    ├── demo-categories
│        └── all (demo pages css in this folder (ie:yit-car-rental.css))
│    ├── fonts
│        └── all (font related files in this folder (.ttf, .eot, .woff, .svg, .woff2))
│    ├── fonts-icon
│        └── all (font icons related files in this folder)
│    ├── plugins
│        └── all (plugin related files in this folder)
│    ├── shortcodes
│        └── all (shortcodes related files in this folder)
│    ├── other all (root) level css files
├── js/
│    ├── plugins
│        └── all (plugin related files in this folder)
│    ├── vendor
│        └── all (library related files in this folder)
│    ├── other all (root) level js files
├── images/
│    ├── all images files with appropriate folder
├── scss/
│    ├── all scss files included with appropriate folder
├── video/
│    ├── demo video (demo.mp4)
│    ├── demo audio (audio.mp3)
├── all .html files

WebPanda The Most Powerful Bootstrap 4 Website Templates.

WebPanda is Exclusive multi-purpose 100% responsive template with powerful features. Simple and well-structured coding, high quality and creative, flexible layout, scalable features along with color schemes to create tailor-cut websites. With bootstrap, responsive mega menu and various layouts including incredible blog template, portfolio layouts, business pages and many more..!

Key Features
  • 26+ Landing Pages
  • 43+ Inner Pages
  • 64+ Portfolio Pages
  • 50+ Blog Pages
  • 500+ Unique Element Style
  • 70+ Unique Features
  • 46+ Header / Footer Style
  • 60+ Typography
  • 180 Day Support


Once you've downloaded the installation file on Themeforest, Extract it and locate a file called WebPanda.zip. You can install the template by ftp installation methods.


Unzip the downloaded package and open the /HTML folder to find all the template files. You will need to upload these files to your hosting web server using FTP in order to use it on your website.

Directory Structure:
  • HTML/css - Stylesheet files
  • HTML/fonts – Icon font files
  • HTML/images - Image files
  • HTML/js - Javacript files
  • HTML/video – Video / Audio files

You're now good to go..! Start adding your content/images and generate your beautiful, elegant brand & new website for your business.

ZIP Contains:
  • WebPanda.zip
  • Documentation
  • Document PDF

HTML Markup

WebPanda follows a standard and easy to customize coding structure. Here is the sample for your reference:

<!doctype html>
<html class="no-js" lang="en">
<!-- =================== /META BOC ==================== -->
<meta charset="utf-8">
<!-- Description -->
<meta name="description" content="">
<!-- Keyword / Content -->
<meta name="keywords" content="">
<!-- =================== /META EOC ==================== -->
<!-- =================== /TITLE BOC ==================== -->
<title> :: Page - Title Goes Here ::</title>
<!--w =================== /TITLE EOC ==================== -->        
<!-- =================== /FAVICON BOC ==================== -->
<title> Add your website favicon here </title>
<!-- =================== /FAVICON EOC ==================== -->
<!-- =================== /WEB CSS BOC ==================== -->
<link href="css/filename.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css">
<!-- =================== /WEB CSS EOC ==================== -->        
<!-- ====== /WRAPPER BOC ====== -->
<div class="page-wrapper">
<!-- ====== /HEADER BOC ====== -->
  <!-- /Navigation BOC -->
  <div class="yit-nav">
    <nav class="navbar navbar-expand-md navbar-light">
  <!-- /Navigation EOC -->
<!-- ====== /HEADER EOC ====== -->
<!-- ====== /SECTION BOC ====== -->
<!-- ====== /SECTION EOC ====== -->
<!-- ====== /FOOTER BOC ====== --> 
  <div class="container">
<!-- ====== /FOOTER EOC ====== -->

<!-- ====== /WEB JS BOC ====== -->
<!-- Placed at the end of the document so the pages load faster -->
<script src="js/filename.js"></script>
<!-- ====== /WEB JS EOC ====== -->

Logo Setting

The Logo can be found in the Navbar - .navbar block, below is the markup for your reference:

WebPanda Logo Setting
<!-- /Logo BOC -->
<nav class="navbar">  
<div class="container">
<a href="page-name.html" title="WebPanda" class="navbar-brand">
<img src="images/logo.png" data-at2x="images/logo@2x.png" width="" height="" alt="WebPanda">
<!-- /Logo EOC -->

Image Setting

WebPanda download package does not contain images which are there in our online demo. We are using placeholder images instead of real images. You will see the image code as mentioned below. You can replace placeholder image url with your image url like images/imagename.jpg

<img src="images/image-name.jpg" alt="image alt text" width="" height="">

Favicon Setting

To change the favicon image of your site, you need to load a new ICO image in a site root or to point out a new address of the image.

<!-- /Favicon BOC -->
<link rel="shortcut icon" href="images/favicon.png">
<link rel="apple-touch-icon" href="images/apple-touch-icon-57x57.png">
<link rel="apple-touch-icon" sizes="72x72" href="images/apple-touch-icon-72x72.png">
<link rel="apple-touch-icon" sizes="114x114" href="images/apple-touch-icon-114x114.png">

Font Setting

WebPanda is used Default Fonts like: Roboto & Montserrat from the Google Fonts Library. You can change the fonts from /css/style.css file in below lines. If you want to use self hosted fonts other than Google fonts then here is an example of Self Hosted Fonts. In this case you need to remove below lines and change font names in /css/style.css file as per your requirement.

<link href="https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Montserrat:100,100i,200,200i,300,300i,400,400i,500,500i,600,600i,700,700i,800,800i,900,900i" rel="stylesheet">
<link href="https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Roboto:100,100i,300,300i,400,400i,500,500i,700,700i,900,900i" rel="stylesheet">

<link href="https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Poppins:100,200,300,400,500,600,700,800,900" rel="stylesheet">
<link href="https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Dosis:200,300,400,500,600,700,800" rel="stylesheet">
<link href="https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Oswald:200,300,400,500,600,700" rel="stylesheet">
<link href="https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Source+Sans+Pro:200,300,400,600,700,900" rel="stylesheet">
<link href="https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Playfair+Display:400,400i,700,700i,900" rel="stylesheet">
<link href="https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Dancing+Script:400,700" rel="stylesheet">
<link href="https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Muli:200,200i,300,400,400i,600,600i,700,700i,800,800i,900,900i" rel="stylesheet">
<link href="https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Josefin+Sans:100,100i,300,300i,400,400i,600,600i,700,700i" rel="stylesheet">
<link href="https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Rubik:300,400,400i,500,700,900" rel="stylesheet">
Font Helper Class

We have created more font family and font variation, you can get fonts variation style from css/theme.css for your reference:

  • font-dosis
  • font-poppins
  • font-oswald
  • font-source-sans
  • font-playfair
  • font-rubik
  • font-dancing-script
  • font-muli
  • font-roboto
  • font-josefin-sans
Heading Helper Class

We have created more heading font with variation, you can get fonts variation style from css/theme.css for your reference:

  • heading-poppins
  • heading-dosis
  • heading-oswald
  • heading-source-sans
  • heading-playfair
  • heading-dancing-script
  • heading-muli
  • heading-roboto
  • heading-josefin-sans

Header Type (Navigation)

You can choose between 28 Types of navigation while creating your Pages. The list of various navigation types & demo for your reference.

1. Header Transparent Default

Header with no solid background color.

Navigation Default

Note : You can find this header demo in feature-navigation-default.html page for your reference.

2. Header Transparent Full Right

Header transparent full view with top bar navigation.

Navigation Full Right

Note : You can find this header demo in feature-navigation-full-right.html page for your reference.

3. Header Transparent Full Center

Header transparent full view with center navigation.

Navigation Full Center

Note : You can find this header demo in feature-navigation-full-center.html page for your reference.

4. Header Navigation Transparent

Header transparent full view with overlay navigation.

Navigation Transparent

Note : You can find this header demo in feature-navigation-transparent.html page for your reference.

5. Header Navigation Top Transparent

Header transparent full view with top bar overlay navigation.

Navigation Top Transparent

Note : You can find this header demo in feature-navigation-top-nav-transparent.html page for your reference.

6. Header Navigation Light

Header container navigation with light background.

Navigation Light

Note : You can find this header demo in feature-navigation-light.html page for your reference.

7. Header Navigation Dark

Header container navigation with dark background.

Navigation Dark

Note : You can find this header demo in feature-navigation-dark.html page for your reference.

8. Header Navigation Fancy

Header navigation with box style. When user scroll on menu it will be display full view and sticked on top postition using yit-nav-fancy-style class

Navigation Fancy

Note : You can find this header demo in feature-navigation-fancy.html page for your reference.

9. Header Navigation Inverse

Header navigation with normal view in dark style, when user scroll on menu it will be appear in inverse style using yit-nav-inverse classs. In inverse menu you can used two tyle of logo variation like dark and light.

Navigation Inverse

Note : You can find this header demo in feature-navigation-inverse.html page for your reference.

10. Header Navigation Logo Right

Header navigation with logo in right side.

Navigation Logo Right

Note : You can find this header demo in feature-navigation-logo-right.html page for your reference.

11. Header Navigation Logo Center

Header navigation with logo in center side.

Navigation Logo Center

Note : You can find this header demo in feature-navigation-logo-center.html page for your reference.

12. Header Navigation Logo Top

Header navigation with logo on top and bottom of the navigation.

Navigation Logo Top

Note : You can find this header demo in feature-navigation-logo-top.html page for your reference.

13. Header Navigation Scroll Fixed

Header navigation top bar and main navigation. When user scroll on menu top bar scroll hide using yit-on-scroll-fixed and menu will be sticked on top postion.

Navigation Scroll Fixed

Note : You can find this header demo in feature-navigation-on-scroll-fixed.html page for your reference.

14. Header Navigation Top Fancy

Header navigation top bar fancy style using fancy-style class effect will be applied from css.

Navigation Top Fancy

Note : You can find this header demo in feature-navigation-top-nav-fancy.html page for your reference.

15. Header Navigation Top Contact Style

Header navigation top bar contact style to show contact information using column structure. If you want to change top bar background color check Helper Class section for more information

Navigation Top Contact

Note : You can find this header demo in feature-navigation-top-nav-contact.html page for your reference.

16. Header Navigation Mega Style

Header navigation mega style using column structure

Navigation Mega Style

Note : You can find this header demo in feature-navigation-mega-header.html page for your reference.

Custom Navigation

You can choose 12 Types of custom & stylist navigation while creating your Pages. The list of various navigation types & demo for your reference.

Note : Click on Navigation Image Icon, It will be redirect on appropriate page.

OnePage Navigation

You can get one page menu code from any of our one page demos or simple clicks on below demo images for your reference:

Onepage Navigation Center

Header transparent full view with onepage center side navigation.

Onepage Navigation Center

Note : You can find this header demo in feature-navigation-onepage-logo-center.html page for your reference.

Onepage Navigation Center

Header transparent full view with onepage default navigation.

Onepage Navigation

Note : You can find this header demo in feature-navigation-onepage.html.html page for your reference.

For onepage scroll navigation you can add yit-scroll-nav class in nav section, and also add appropriate id in nav link item
<a title="Home" class="nav-link" href="#home">Home</a> for source id and applied same id in any section of your page like
<section id="home"> for destination.

Note :Below is the one page setting markup for your reference, But still if you have any confusion you can check above two demos page.

<!-- /Nav BOC --> 
<nav class="navbar yit-scroll-nav">
    <ul classs="navbar-nav">
      <li><a title="Home" class="nav-link" href="#home">Home</a>/li>
<!-- /Section BOC --> 
<section id="home">
  add you content here


We have created mega menu using custom with column structure, below is the image demo and page link for your reference:


Note : You can find this megamenu demo in feature-navigation-default.html page for your reference.


Note : You can find this megamenu demo in feature-megamenu-style-01.html page for your reference.


Note : You can find this megamenu demo in feature-megamenu-style-02.html page for your reference.


Note : You can find this megamenu demo in feature-megamenu-style-03.html page for your reference.

Simple Dropdown

We have created standard dropdown menu using boostrap mark with custom css, below is the image demo and page link for your reference:

Dropdown Menu

Note : You can find this simple dropdown demo in feature-navigation-default.html page for your reference.

Navigation Setting

You can easily make changes in Navigation using custom classs.

Change Background Color: You can easily add your favorite color to your navigation bar by adding color class like .pink-color-bg, orange-color-bg or whatever you want, please make sure that same css class should be there in theme.css file.

Navbar Variation Style:
  • .yit-nav-transparent-style for create a transparent style navigation no any solid background
  • .yit-nav-light-style for create a light style navigation either white or grey color background
  • .yit-nav-dark-style for create a dark style navigation with grey color background
  • .yit-nav-color-style for create a color style navigation with different color like .pink-color-bg
  • yit-nav-fancy-style for create a fancy style navigation, for more information please prefer fancy style navigation demo in navigation section.
Add above classes in navbar section for appplied class effect, but still if you have any query or confusion simply, prefer navigation demos for your reference. For More Info Click Here

Slider Types

WebPanda Use four type of slider to create banner, sliders as mentioned below :

For slider demo just click on slider image then it will be re-direct on appropriate page.

  • Flex Slider
  • Slick Slider
  • Swiper Slider
  • OWL Carousel
1. Flex Slider
Flex Slider

Note : You can find flex slider demo in webpanda-default.html page for your reference.

2. Slick Slider
Slick Slider

Note : You can find slick slider demo in webpanda-digital-agency.html page for your reference.

3. Swiper Slider
Swiper Slider

Note : You can find swiper slider demo in webpanda-branding-agency.html page for your reference.

4. OWL Carousel
OWL Carousel

Note : You can find owl carousel demo in element-team-carousel.html page for your reference.

We have created various type of slider typograhpy, please prefer our demo pages for more infomration. Click Here

Icon & Fonts

We have used four types of icon for creating template pages, elements, portfolio & blogs, to make creative and elegant.

  • Font Awesome Icon
  • Themify Icon
  • ET Line Icon
  • Dripicons Icon
1. Font Awesome
Font Awesome

Note : You can find font awesome demo at https://fontawesome.com website for your reference.

2. Themify

Note : You can find themify icon demo at https://themify.me/themify-icons website for your reference.

3. ET Line
ET Line

Note : You can find et line icon demo at http://rhythm.nikadevs.com/content/icons-et-line website for your reference.

4. Dripicons

Note : You can find dripicons icon demo at http://demo.amitjakhu.com/dripicons/ website for your reference.

Portfolio Listing

Note : We have created 64+ portfolio layouts page to fully showcase your products and accomplishments. Please check our megamenu for more portfolio variations OR just simply click on below demo images and prefer demos for your reference.

We have created more portfolio variation with unique style, please check our mega menu for more variation Click Here

Portfolio Detail

Note : We have created five type of portfolio single to show your work with branding & product accomplishments.

Blog Listing

Note : We have created 50+ blog layouts page to fully show your website news and updates. Please check our megamenu for more blogs variations OR just simply click on below demo images and prefer demos for your reference.

We have created more blogs variation with unique style, please check our mega menu for more variation Click Here

Blog Detail

Note : We have created four type of blog single to show your website latest news and updates with company branding.


WebPanda created wide range of contact form, inquiry form, quick quote form with more stylist variations.

1. Contact Form
Contact Form

Note : You can find contact form demo in element-forms.html page for your reference.

2. Inquiry Form
Inquiry Form

Note : You can find inquiry form demo in element-forms.html page for your reference.

3. Validation Form
Validation Form

Note : You can find validation form demo in element-forms.html page for your reference.

We have created general validation form for all kind of forms, If you want to change form style with variation just add input-style-1 to input-style-8 class in common-form class. for more information please prefer element-forms.html page for your reference.
4. Form With Google Captcha
Google CaptchaGoogle CaptchaGoogle Captcha Form

Note : You can find google captcha form demo in element-forms.html page for your reference.

Google captcha will not work in local host so, you have to generate google captcha key from https://www.google.com/recaptcha/admin and add that captcha key in your form where you want to use.
5. PHP Mailer Settings

Project Inquiry, Contact or any contact related form will not work unless you have your files running on a hosting server with PHP / JS. When you have your files ready on your hosting server, you need to edit the settings to make the mailer function work.

Open email template file yit-contact-form.php and change your setFrom Email Address at the top from info@yourdomain.com to your real email address, same way you can change subject line from "Contact Us" or any other as per your need. Also replace yourdomain.com with your real domain name and change addReplyTo Email Address info@yourdomain.com.

Note: Email template images will not work in local, so you have to host images in your server in images/email-template folder and images path should be follow :

  • Email Template Line Divider Image Path should be : yourdomainname.com/images/email-template/email-divider.png
  • Email Template Email Banner Image Path should be : yourdomainname.com/images/email-template/email-banner.png
But still If you have any query or confusion related email template setting, Please email us on enquiry[at]yankeeinfoweb[dot]com We will help to you with our best way.
6. Form Helper Classs - Focus state style will auto applied as per the input style
  • input-radius - for create radius input style
  • input-rect-round - for create radius rectangle input style
  • input-rect-rounded - for create radius rounded rectangle input style
  • input-shadow - for create shadow input style
  • input-light - for create light input style
  • input-dark - for create dark input style
  • input-white-border - for create white input border style
  • input-black-border - for create black input border style
  • input-pink-border - for create pink input border style
  • input-red-border - for create red input border style
  • input-purple-border - for create purple input border style
  • input-indigo-border - for create indigo input border style
  • input-cyan-border - for create cyan input border style
  • input-teal-border - for create teal input border style
  • input-green-border - for create green input border style
  • input-orange-border - for create orange input border style
  • input-brown-border - for create brown input border style
  • input-grey-border - for create grey input border style
Reg. form related style please check shortcodes/yit-forms.css for your reference.

Helper Class

We have created wide range of really useful helper classes using .scss for you. Below is the listed for your reference :)

Global Classes
  • yit-center-items * for center all items
  • yit-style-none for style none
  • yit-shadow-none for box-shadow none
  • yit-radius-none for border-radius none
  • yit-bg-none for background none
  • yit-border-none for border none
  • yit-none-transform for text transform none
  • yit-overflow for overflow the block
  • yit-flex for create element using flex
  • noscroll for hide body scroll using js
Responsive Utilities Class
  • hidden for hide the html elements
  • hidden-xs for hidden html elements in mobile
  • hidden-sm for hidden html elements in small device
  • hidden-md for hidden html elements in medium device
  • hidden-lg for hidden html elements in large device
Display Class
  • yit-display-table for dispaly table element
  • yit-display-tb-cell for dispaly table-cell element
  • yit-display-block for dispaly block element
  • yit-display-inline for dispaly inline element
  • yit-display-inherit for dispaly inherit or override
  • yit-display-centrize for dispaly centrize element
  • yit-display-v-centrize for dispaly verticle centrize element
  • yit-flex-v-center for dispaly verticle flex center element
  • yit-flex-h-center for dispaly horizontal flex center element
Position Class
  • yit-pos-relative for relative element
  • yit-pos-absoulate for absoulate element
  • yit-pos-fixed for fixed element
  • yit-pos-inherit for inherit/override element
  • yit-pos-h-center for dispaly position horizontal element
  • yit-pos-v-center for dispaly position verticle element
  • yit-display-v-centrize for dispaly verticle centrize element
  • yit-flex-v-center for dispaly verticle flex center element
  • yit-flex-h-center for dispaly horizontal flex center element
Image Effect
  • img-scale img for image scale effect
  • gray-scale for grayscale image effect
Align / Text Effect
  • text-shadow-light for text shadow light effect
  • text-opacity-sm for text opacity light effect
  • text-opacity-lg for text opacity dark effect
Word / Text Break Class
  • white-space-nowrap
  • white-space-normal
  • white-space-pre
  • word-spacing for spacing the word
Float Class
  • float-left for floating postion in left
  • float-rightfor floating postion in right
  • float-none for remove floating position in block
Image Class
  • yit-img-left for left align image
  • yit-img-right for right align image
  • yit-img-center for center align image
Background Class
  • yit-bg-h-center for horizontal background image center
  • yit-bg-v-center for verticle background image center
  • yit-bg-center for background image center
  • yit-bg-b-center for background image bottom center
  • yit-bg-no-repeat for background image no-repeat
  • yit-bg-repeat for background image repeat
  • yit-bg for common background image with all elements
Background Position Class
  • yit-bg-r-b for background-position right bottom
  • yit-bg-r-t for background-position right top
  • yit-bg-l-b for background-position left bottom
  • yit-bg-l-t for background-position left top
  • yit-bg-r-c for background-position right center
  • yit-bg-l-c for background-position left center
Background Cover Class
  • yit-parallax-bg for background parallax image
  • yit-cover-bg for cover background image
Background Overlay Class
  • bg-overlay for background overlay image
  • bg-fade-overlay for background fade overlay image
  • bg-fade-overlay-dark for background fade overlay dark
  • bg-fade-graident for background fade graident image
Button Class
  • yit-btn-full for full button display
  • yit-btn-center for center button display
  • yit-btn-auto for auto button display
  • yit-btn-left for left button display
  • yit-btn-right for right button display
Margin Top Spacer Class (.mt = margin-top)
  • mt-0 for margin top 0
  • mt-5 for margin top 5px space
  • mt-10 for margin top 10px space
  • mt-15 for margin top 15px space
  • mt-20 for margin top 20px space
  • mt-25 for margin top 25px space
  • mt-30 for margin top 30px space
  • mt-40 for margin top 40px space
  • mt-50 for margin top 50px space
  • mt-60 for margin top 60px space
  • mt-70 for margin top 70px space
  • mt-80 for margin top 80px space
  • mt-90 for margin top 90px space
  • mt-100 for margin top 100px space
  • mt-110 for margin top 110px space
  • mt-120 for margin top 120px space
  • mt-130 for margin top 130px space
  • mt-140 for margin top 140px space
  • mt-150 for margin top 150px space
Margin Right Spacer Class (.mr = margin-right)
  • mr-0 for margin right 0
  • mr-10 for margin right 10px space
  • mr-15 for margin right 15px space
  • mr-20 for margin right 20px space
  • mr-30 for margin right 30px space
  • mr-40 for margin right 40px space
  • mr-50 for margin right 50px space
  • mr-60 for margin right 60px space
  • mr-70 for margin right 70px space
  • mr-80 for margin right 80px space
  • mr-90 for margin right 90px space
  • mr-100 for margin right 100px space
  • mr-110 for margin right 110px space
  • mr-120 for margin right 120px space
  • mr-130 for margin right 130px space
  • mr-140 for margin right 140px space
  • mr-150 for margin right 150px space
Margin Bottom Spacer Class (.mb = margin-bottom)
  • mb-0 for margin bottom 0
  • mb-10 for margin bottom 10px space
  • mb-15 for margin bottom 15px space
  • mb-20 for margin bottom 20px space
  • mb-30 for margin bottom 30px space
  • mb-40 for margin bottom 40px space
  • mb-50 for margin bottom 50px space
  • mb-60 for margin bottom 60px space
  • mb-70 for margin bottom 70px space
  • mb-80 for margin bottom 80px space
  • mb-90 for margin bottom 90px space
  • mb-100 for margin bottom 100px space
  • mb-110 for margin bottom 110px space
  • mb-120 for margin bottom 120px space
  • mb-130 for margin bottom 130px space
  • mb-140 for margin bottom 140px space
  • mb-150 for margin bottom 150px space
Margin Left Spacer Class (.ml = margin-left)
  • ml-0 for margin left 0
  • ml-10 for margin left 10px space
  • ml-15 for margin left 15px space
  • ml-20 for margin left 20px space
  • ml-30 for margin left 30px space
  • ml-40 for margin left 40px space
  • ml-50 for margin left 50px space
  • ml-60 for margin left 60px space
  • ml-70 for margin left 70px space
  • ml-80 for margin left 80px space
  • ml-90 for margin left 90px space
  • ml-100 for margin left 100px space
  • ml-110 for margin left 110px space
  • ml-120 for margin left 120px space
  • ml-130 for margin left 130px space
  • ml-140 for margin left 140px space
  • ml-150 for margin left 150px space
Padding Top Spacer Class (.pt = paddding-top)
  • pt-0 for padding top 0
  • pt-5 for padding top 5px space
  • pt-10 for padding top 10px space
  • pt-15 for padding top 15px space
  • pt-20 for padding top 20px space
  • pt-25 for padding top 25px space
  • pt-30 for padding top 30px space
  • pt-40 for padding top 40px space
  • pt-50 for padding top 50px space
  • pt-60 for padding top 60px space
  • pt-70 for padding top 70px space
  • pt-80 for padding top 80px space
  • pt-90 for padding top 90px space
  • pt-100 for padding top 100px space
  • pt-110 for padding top 110px space
  • pt-120 for padding top 120px space
  • pt-130 for padding top 130px space
  • pt-140 for padding top 140px space
  • pt-150 for padding top 150px space
Padding Bottom Spacer Class (.pb = paddding-bottom)
  • pb-0 for padding bottom 0
  • pb-5 for padding bottom 5px space
  • pb-10 for padding bottom 10px space
  • pb-15 for padding bottom 15px space
  • pb-20 for padding bottom 20px space
  • pb-25 for padding bottom 25px space
  • pb-30 for padding bottom 30px space
  • pb-40 for padding bottom 40px space
  • pb-50 for padding bottom 50px space
  • pb-60 for padding bottom 60px space
  • pb-70 for padding bottom 70px space
  • pb-80 for padding bottom 80px space
  • pb-90 for padding bottom 90px space
  • pb-100 for padding bottom 100px space
  • pb-110 for padding bottom 110px space
  • pb-120 for padding bottom 120px space
  • pb-130 for padding bottom 130px space
  • pb-140 for padding bottom 140px space
  • pb-150 for padding bottom 150px space
Padding Left Spacer Class (.pl = paddding-left)
  • pl-0 for padding left 0
  • pl-5 for padding left 5px space
  • pl-10 for padding left 10px space
  • pl-15 for padding left 15px space
  • pl-20 for padding left 20px space
  • pl-25 for padding left 25px space
  • pl-30 for padding left 30px space
  • pl-40 for padding left 40px space
  • pl-50 for padding left 50px space
  • pl-60 for padding left 60px space
  • pl-70 for padding left 70px space
  • pl-80 for padding left 80px space
  • pl-90 for padding left 90px space
  • pl-100 for padding left 100px space
  • pl-110 for padding left 110px space
  • pl-120 for padding left 120px space
  • pl-130 for padding left 130px space
  • pl-140 for padding left 140px space
  • pl-150 for padding left 150px space
Padding Right Spacer Class (.pr = paddding-right)
  • pr-0 for padding right 0
  • pr-5 for padding right 5px space
  • pr-10 for padding right 10px space
  • pr-15 for padding right 15px space
  • pr-20 for padding right 20px space
  • pr-25 for padding right 25px space
  • pr-30 for padding right 30px space
  • pr-40 for padding right 40px space
  • pr-50 for padding right 50px space
  • pr-60 for padding right 60px space
  • pr-70 for padding right 70px space
  • pr-80 for padding right 80px space
  • pr-90 for padding right 90px space
  • pr-100 for padding right 100px space
  • pr-110 for padding right 110px space
  • pr-120 for padding right 120px space
  • pr-130 for padding right 130px space
  • pr-140 for padding right 140px space
  • pr-150 for padding right 150px space
General Padding Class (.pad = paddding)
  • pad-5-all for padding 5px all side
  • pad-10-all for padding 10px all side
  • pad-15-all for padding 15px all side
  • pad-20-all for padding 20px all side
  • pad-25-all for padding 25px all side
  • pad-30-all for padding 30px all side
  • pad-35-all for padding 35px all side
  • pad-40-all for padding 40px all side
  • pad-50-all for padding 50px all side
  • pad-60-all for padding 60px all side
  • pad-70-all for padding 70px all side
  • pad-80-all for padding 80px all side
  • pad-90-all for padding 90px all side
  • pad-100-all for padding 100px all side
  • pl-pr-zero for padding 0 left & paddding 0 right
  • pt-pb-zero for padding 0 top & paddding 0 bottom
  • p-0 for padding 0 from all side
General Margin Class (.mrg = margin)
  • m-0 for margin 0 from all side
  • m-h-auto for margin auto from horizontal side
  • m-v-auto for margin auto from verticle side
  • mrg-5-all for margin 5px all side
  • mrg-10-all for margin 10px all side
  • mrg-15-all for margin 15px all side
  • mrg-20-all for margin 20px all side
  • mrg-25-all for margin 25px all side
  • mrg-30-all for margin 30px all side
  • mrg-40-all for margin 40px all side
  • mrg-50-all for margin 50px all side
General Width Class
  • width-30 for 30px width
  • width-50 for 50px width
  • width-70 for 70px width
  • width-100 for 100px width
  • width-150 for 150px width
  • width-200 for 200px width
  • width-250 for 250px width
  • width-300 for 300px width
  • width-half for half width
  • width-full for full width
  • max-width-none for override max-width:100 to none
General Height Class
  • height-50 for 50px height
  • height-100 for 100px height
  • height-150 for 150px height
  • height-200 for 200px height
  • height-230 for 230px height
  • height-260 for 260px height
  • height-290 for 290px height
  • height-320 for 320px height
  • height-350 for 350px height
  • height-380 for 380px height
  • height-410 for 410px height
  • height-440 for 440px height
  • height-470 for 470px height
  • height-500 for 500px height
  • height-550 for 550px height
  • height-xxxsmall-screenfor height 100px screen
  • height-xxsmall-screenfor height 200px screen
  • height-xsmall-screenfor height 300px screen
  • height-small-screenfor height 400px screen
  • height-one-second-screenfor height 600px screen
  • height-one-third-screenfor height 700px screen
  • height-one-fourth-screenfor height 800px screen
  • height-one-fifth-screenfor height 900px screen
  • height-one-sixth-screenfor height 1000px screen
  • height-fullfor height 100% full screen
  • height-coverfor height 100vh full viewport screen
  • flex-full-heightfor height 100% with flex
  • flex-box-spacerfor applied margin-bottom space in column
General Gutter Class
  • no-gutter-mrg for remove margin from row
  • no-gutter for remove padding from column
  • none-row-space for applied margin none in row using psuedo
Letter Spacing Class
  • no-letter-spacing for letter-spacing 0px
  • letter-spacing-1 for letter-spacing 1px
  • letter-spacing-2 for letter-spacing 2px
  • letter-spacing-3 for letter-spacing 3px
  • letter-spacing-4 for letter-spacing 4px
  • letter-spacing-5 for letter-spacing 5px
  • letter-spacing-6 for letter-spacing 6px
  • letter-spacing-7 for letter-spacing 7px
  • letter-spacing-8 for letter-spacing 8px
  • letter-spacing-9 for letter-spacing 9px
  • letter-spacing-10 for letter-spacing 10px
Position Space Class (you should add position:relative for pos-t class)
  • pos-t-25 for position top 25px
  • pos-t-35 for position top 35px
  • pos-t-45 for position top 45px
  • pos-t-55 for position top 45px
  • pos-t-65 for position top 65px
  • pos-t-75 for position top 75px
  • pos-t-85 for position top 85px
  • pos-t-95 for position top 95px
  • pos-t-105 for position top 105px
  • pos-t-0 for position top 0
  • pos-b-0 for position bottom 0
  • pos-l-0 for position left 0
  • pos-r-0 for position right 0
Z-Index Class
  • z-index-1111 for top z-index 1111
  • z-index-111 for top z-index 111
  • z-index-0 for top z-index 0
  • z-index-1 for top z-index 1
  • z-index-2 for top z-index 2
  • z-index-3 for top z-index 3
  • z-index-4 for top z-index 4
  • z-index-5 for top z-index 5
  • z-index-10 for top z-index 10
Border Class
  • bdr-l-0 for border-left none
  • bdr-r-0 for border-right none
  • bdr-t-0 for border-top none
  • bdr-b-0 for border-bottom none
  • border-all for all side border
  • border-width-1 for 1px width
  • border-width-2 for 2px width
  • border-width-3 for 3px width
  • border-width-4 for 4px width
  • border-width-5 for 5px width
  • border-width-6 for 6px width
  • border-width-7 for 7px width
  • border-width-8 for 8px width
  • border-width-9 for 9px width
  • border-width-10 for 10px width
  • border-width-20 for 20px width
Border Direction Class
  • border-top for border-top 1px
  • border-bottom for border-bottom 1px
  • border-left for border-left 1px
  • border-right for border-right 1px
  • border-lr for border-left & border-right 1px
  • border-tb for border-top & border-bottom 1px
Border Specific Direction Class
  • border-top-only for border-top only
  • border-bottom-only for border-bottom only
  • border-left-only for border-left only
  • border-right-only for border-right only
Border Utility Class
  • border-r-none for border-right none only
  • border-t-none for border-top none only
  • border-b-none for border-bottom none only
  • border-l-none for border-left none only
  • border-none for border none from all slide
Border Style Class
  • border-style-dotted for border dotted style
  • border-style-dashed for border dashed style
  • border-style-solid for border solid style
  • border-style-double for border double style
  • border-style-groove for border groove style
  • border-style-ridge for border ridge style
  • border-style-inset for border inset style
  • border-style-outset for border outset style
  • border-style-disp-none for border style disp-none style
  • border-style-transperent for border color transparent style
Typography Class
  • font-weight-thin for font-weight 100 style
  • font-weight-extra-light for font-weight 200 style
  • font-weight-light for font-weight 300 style
  • font-weight-regular for font-weight 400 style
  • font-weight-medium for font-weight 500 style
  • font-weight-semibold for font-weight 600 style
  • font-weight-bold for font-weight 700 style
  • font-weight-xtrabold for font-weight 800 style
  • font-weight-black for font-weight 900 style
  • font-italic for font italic style
  • line-height-normal for line-height normal style
Font Sizing Class
  • font-xxlarge for font size double large style
  • font-xlarge for font size medium double large style
  • font-large for font size large style
  • font-medium for font size medium style
  • font-small for font size small style
  • font-xsmall for font size extra small style
  • font-xxsmall for font size double extra small style
  • font-xxxsmall for font size xxxsmall small style
  • font-extrasmall for font size xxxxsmall style
Image Variation Class
  • img-circle for create circle image
  • img-round for create radius images
  • img-rounded for create radius rounded images
  • img-xxrounded for create 50% rounded images
  • img-shadow for create shdow images
  • img-shadow-dark for create shdow dark images
Icon Size Variation Class
  • icon-large for large size icon
  • icon-medium for medium size icon
  • icon-small for small size icon
  • icon-xsmall for extra small size icon
Icon Variation Class
  • icon-circle for create circle icon
  • icon-circle-small for create circle icon with small size
  • icon-flat for create flat icon
  • icon-round for create radius icon
  • icon-rounded for create radius rounded icon
  • icon-border for create border icon
  • icon-shadow for create shadow icon
  • icon-shadow-dark for create shadow dark icon
  • icon-mini for create minimum size icon
Button Variation Class
  • btn-border for create border button
  • btn-radius for create radius button
  • btn-rounded for create radius rounded button
  • btn-circle for create circle button
  • btn-shadow for create shadow button
Button Size Class
  • btn-large for create large button
  • btn-medium for create medium button
  • btn-small for create small button
  • btn-xsmall for create extra small button
  • btn-xxsmall for create xxsmall button
  • btn-xxxsmall for create xxxsmall button
Button Color Variation Class - Hover button auto applied using dark color
  • btn-white for create white button
  • btn-black for create black button
  • btn-blue for create blue button
  • btn-red for create red button
  • btn-purple for create purple button
  • btn-indigo for create indigo button
  • btn-cyan for create cyan button
  • btn-teal for create teal button
  • btn-green for create green button
  • btn-yellow for create yellow button
  • btn-orange for create orange button
  • btn-brown for create brown button
  • btn-grey for create grey button
Button Border Variation Class - Hover button auto applied using button color
  • btn-white-border for create white border button
  • btn-black-border for create black border button
  • btn-pink-border for create pink border button
  • btn-blue-border for create blue border button
  • btn-red-border for create red border button
  • btn-purple-border for create purple border button
  • btn-indigo-border for create indigo border button
  • btn-cyan-border for create cyan border button
  • btn-teal-border for create teal border button
  • btn-green-border for create green border button
  • btn-orange-border for create orange border button
  • btn-brown-border for create brown border button
  • btn-yellow-border for create yellow border button
Background Color Variation Class - Text color auto applied as per appropriate background color
  • primary-color-bg for create primary color background
  • blue-color-bg for create blue color background
  • white-color-bg for create white color background
  • black-color-bg for create black color background
  • pink-color-bg for create pink color background
  • red-color-bg for create red color background
  • purple-color-bg for create purple color background
  • indigo-color-bg for create indigo color background
  • cyan-color-bg for create cyan color background
  • teal-color-bg for create teal color background
  • green-color-bg for create green color background
  • yellow-color-bg for create yellow color background
  • orange-color-bg for create orange color background
  • brown-color-bg for create brown color background
  • grey-color-bg for create grey color background
  • light-grey-color-bg for create light-grey color background
  • dark-grey-black-color-bg for create dark-grey-black color background
  • light-grey-black-color-bg for create light-grey-black color background
  • light-medium-grey-color-bg for create light-medium-grey color background
  • light-extra-grey-color-bg for create light-extra-grey color background
  • black-extra-grey-color-bg for create black-extra-grey color background
  • bg-extra-dark-transparent for create extra dark transparent background
  • bg-dark-transparent for create dark transparent background
  • bg-dark-light-transparent for create dark light transparent background
  • space-grey-color-bg for create sapce grey background
  • space-grey-light-color-bg for create sapce grey light color background
Color Variation Class
  • primary-color-bg for create primary body color
  • blue-color-text for create blue text
  • white-color-text for create white text
  • black-color-text for create black text
  • pink-color-text for create pink text
  • red-color-text for create red text
  • purple-color-text for create purple text
  • indigo-color-text for create indigo text
  • cyan-color-text for create cyan text
  • teal-color-text for create teal text
  • green-color-text for create green text
  • yellow-color-text for create yellow text
  • orange-color-text for create orange text
  • brown-color-text for create brown text
  • dark-grey-black-color-text for create dark grey black text
  • light-grey-black-color-text for create light grey black text
  • light-medium-grey-color-text for create light medium grey text
  • light-extra-grey-color-text for create light extra grey text
Border Color Variation Class
  • primary-color-border for create primary body color border
  • blue-color-border for create blue color border
  • white-color-border for create white color border
  • black-color-border for create black color border
  • pink-color-border for create pink color border
  • red-color-border for create red color border
  • purple-color-border for create purple color border
  • indigo-color-border for create indigo color border
  • cyan-color-border for create cyan color border
  • teal-color-border for create teal color border
  • green-color-border for create green color border
  • yellow-color-border for create yellow color border
  • orange-color-border for create orange color border
  • brown-color-border for create brown color border
  • grey-color-border for create grey color border
Hyperlink Color Variation Class - Hover link auto applied using dark color
  • link-white for create white color link
  • link-black for create black color link
  • link-pink for create pink color link
  • link-red for create red color link
  • link-purple for create purple color link
  • link-indigo for create indigo color link
  • link-cyan for create cyan color link
  • link-teal for create teal color link
  • link-green for create green color link
  • link-orange for create orange color link
  • link-brown for create brown color link
  • link-grey for create grey color link
Social Icon Variation Class
  • social-circle for create circle social icon
  • social-round for create radius social icon
  • social-rounded for create radius round social icon
  • social-shadow for create shadow social icon

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